Yoga & Music: Yoga and music is the mantra of a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga & Music: Yoga and music is the mantra of a healthy lifestyle.

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June 21 is a special day, as both International Yoga Day and World Music Day are celebrated on this day. Together, the two not only provide mental peace and strength but also improve the immunity and overall health needed to defeat the corona. Artists associated with the music world believe that yoga and music are spiritual practices. Various research studies complement each other have stated that listening to music or humming improves your mental state, while yoga is beneficial for both physical and mental health. On the combination of music and yoga, Bhajan singer Anoop Jalota says that a weak person cannot sing. For this, it is also important to support the breath with a healthy body.

Some yoga poses strengthen your breath. No matter how busy I am, I do yoga, pranayama, and meditation for one to one and a half hours every day. These are important parts of my music practice.

Yoga And Music

Together we will make the earth safe:

The combination of music and yoga is essential for a balanced mind and life. Yoga music is an important part of the life of connected people in the world. Kailash Kher says that it is music and yoga that will save the earth. Physical diseases are overcome by medicines, but mental diseases will be overcome only by yoga. Music has been strong support in keeping a distance from the tension that developed in the Corona crisis. Be it the clock of happiness or the music of sorrow has been complementary to our lives. The old songs looked devoted as if someone was worshiping. Love was not taken lightly. There is a glimpse of spirituality in my songs. Spiritual music is like therapy. You get rum in it.

Music and yoga relieve your stress. There is an atmosphere of yoga in my house. The practice is done in harmony.

Consider that the atmosphere is more or less the same for both yoga and music. In this regard, singer Shilpa Rao says that music or yoga are both practices. You have to concentrate on them. Both are beneficial for health and keep you happy. They communicate energy in you. They also make your mood worse.

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On the accuracy of vocals in music:

Emphasis is given, while yoga focuses on postures and postures. In both, pleasure and health can be found by the superiority of voice and posture. In this view, the two complement each other. One place in music

But to do spiritual practice, body, mind, and brain should be perfectly healthy. Yoga can play an important role in that. Yoga keeps the body, mind, and brain healthy.

Source of purity of body and mind:

Talking about music and not mentioning devotional juice in it is not possible. Bhakti-based music may be less visible in films, but attachment to it never diminishes. Explaining the reason for this, Anoop Jalota says that devotional music will remain immortal, whether it is Bhajan or not. People are never far away from Bhajan. Jis

Just like yoga relieves your stress, in the same way, while absorbed in devotion to God, you forget all your stresses and sorrows. It is a miracle of music.

The beautiful harmony of yoga and music aims to achieve purity of mind with the body. The main goal of the music is to worship the vowels, Riyaz, and worship the deep Brahmo by deepening the scriptures and deepening the inner being. Musicology and spirituality are related to each other because the aim of both is the same. Both have self-interviews.

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Yoga & music is art:

Singer Zubin Nautiyal believes that both yoga and music are related to art. In yoga, you have to concentrate your mind in one place, just as you have to concentrate a hundred percent while making music. Yoga and music go together. Both of these are very useful for a balanced life and brain.

Do meditation while listening to music:

Professor Kim Innes of West Virginia University’s School of Public Health, in his research study, has scientifically confirmed that both meditation and music are equally effective when it comes to improving overall health. While music decreases the level of the stress hormone cortisol

Under Yogasan, through meditation and pranayama, stress, control of blood pressure, decrease the risk of heart diseases as well as strengthen the muscles. Because of which the mind remains happy and the body remains healthy. The idea of meditation and yoga while listening to music is great.

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