What are plasma, plasma therapy, and plasma bank?

What are plasma, plasma therapy, and plasma bank?

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There is currently no vaccine for Corona in the country and the world. Because of this, plasma therapy is being used in severe patients of corona in some states including Delhi. It has also encouraging results. The Drug Controller General of India has also approved plasma therapy for the treatment of severe corona patients. In such a situation, we know what are these plasma and plasma therapies and what is the role of plasma bank

What is Plasma?

Plasma is a fluid available in the blood. 92 percent of it is water. Plasma contains proteins, glucose minerals, hormones, carbon dioxide in addition to water. The transport of carbon dioxide in the body is through blood plasma. Apart from these, Serum albumin, various types of proteins, and electrolytes are also found in the blood. At the same time, blood is red due to the hemoglobin and iron element found in the blood cells. Heart transmits blood in the body. After Corona’s attack, the body starts fighting the virus. Antibodies, which are made with the help of plasma fights with the virus. If the body makes enough anti-body then the corona loses.

These people can donate plasma:

  • People recovering from corona can donate plasma.
  • You can donate plasma 14 days after recovering from the corona.
  • You must be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Your weight should be at least 50 kg.

What is Plasma therapy?

Its discussion in India started in the past when some people started treatment through plasma therapy in Delhi. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain was also treated with plasma therapy. After Delhi, its trial started in Karnataka as well and on the same lines, states like Kerala, Bihar, Maharashtra have also moved towards starting its trial. Basically, when a person has a corona infection, his body makes antibodies in the blood to fight the infection. This antibody helps eliminate infection and in most cases, the virus is destroyed when enough anti-body is formed. According to doctors, two people can be treated with the help of a human’s blood plasma.


Treatment method:

Once a patient gets a corona infection, when he is cured, antibodies are made in his body. This antibody helps him to recover. Such a person can donate blood. Plasma is extracted from his blood and when the antibodies present in the plasma are injected into another patient, this antibody reaches the sick patient, which helps him to recover. With the help of plasma extracted from one person, the treatment of two people is said to be possible. He can donate plasma two weeks after the corona negative.

People who cannot donate plasma:

  • People who have diabetes and take insulin or have a high sugar level, they cannot donate plasma.
  • Those who have hypertension or have blood pressure above 140, also cannot donate.
  • Those who are cancer survivors also cannot donate.
  • People who have chronic kidney or liver disease.

Which corona patients can give plasma?

Doctors say that there are guidelines for patients who can be given plasma. In general, the plasma may be given to patients severely affected by the virus and suffering from respiratory infections.

What is an antibody?

An antibody is a protein produced in our bodies. It helps in fighting against external harmful elements called antigens. When the antigen enters the body, the immune system produces antibodies. Antibodies bind to antigens and bind to antigens and inactivate them. Let us tell you here that a healthy person has thousands of antibodies in his body.

Is plasma technology guaranteed to be healthy?

It is not entirely true that plasma technology is guaranteed to be healthy. It is not necessary that antibacterial transfusions affect one person if any medicine affects them. Improvement in patients’ health was seen in its use in China. There are reports of many other countries also benefiting from this.

When was this therapy first used?

In 1890 Emil von Behring, a German physiologist, found that when he took serum from a diphtheria-infected rabbit, it was effective in preventing infection caused by diphtheria. The same type of treatment has been used in the past during a number of outbreaks, including the Spanish flu pandemic 1918, diphtheria outbreak 1920, etc. Convulsant plasma therapy or plasma therapy was less effective at the time and had substantial side effects.

Plasma bank:

The country’s first plasma bank has been started for the treatment of Corona patients in Delhi. A plasma bank has been started at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences. People can call 1031 or message WhatsApp number 8800007722 to donate plasma.

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