How to remove virus from your mind?

How to remove virus from your mind?

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The difficult times of Corona have increased challenges for those struggling with mental problems as well as the professionals involved in their counseling. We are telling you how these professionals are trying to ‘cure’ trouble people in the Corona-era and what kind of problems they are facing.

Sasha Kripalani lives in Mumbai. A psychiatrist by profession. But a few weeks ago something happened in her life that she had to do her own counseling instead of others. The reason for this was her younger sister, who was living thousands of kilometers away from Sasha for higher education in London.

Her sister was found positive in the Corona test. Sasha’s mother was troubled as to why she did not force her younger daughter to return home on time.

On the other hand, Sasha was cursing herself as to why she did not support her mother in her decision. Sasha, 27, says that we were all upset. But she also knew what to do in such a situation.

The same she used to do with people struggling with problems like job insecurity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, i.e. counseling. She first counseled his mother during this difficult time. After that, she also saved himself from being caught in guilt. Sasha’s sister is now recovering from the disease.

The case of Sasha and her family is a foretaste of how the quarantine that began after Corona to rescue her has affected mental health. How it has equaled mentors and troubled people for counseling in the Mental Healthcare Support System. This person’s routine has gone awry in this period. His grip on life has become loose. Everyone fears the death of his or her loved ones.

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When a society encounters an epidemic such as the coronavirus, it also legitimizes such concerns to a large extent. Regarding the current crisis, Delhi psychiatrist Alok Sarin says, “It also blurs the gap between so-called normal people and those struggling with mental health problems.” Is also presenting a variety of challenges.

The day the lockdown was announced in India, most people started hoarding. Says Azhar Hakim, a psychotherapist in Mumbai, “After getting over it, people started getting more and more worried. They started thinking about being alive somehow. ‘

Hakeem explains that his professional engagements have increased more than ever after the lockdown. His online counseling is full of young people who cherish dreams of studying abroad, with big names of business houses.

But it is not easy for patients struggling with online counseling mental health. Hakim tells from his experience that two of his patients were not comfortable with counseling through audio-video. He says in some anxious tone about these two, “They were getting better at counseling. It seemed that he would reach the second phase of reform. But after the lockdown, he refused online counseling. ‘

Like Hakim in Mumbai, Delhi psychiatrist Nupur Paiwa is facing challenges due to changing the medium of counseling. She deals with cases of children and teenagers. Nupur says, ‘There is a lot of difficulty in communicating online with a patient under 15 years of age. Children do not like it. The lockdown has forced them to stay at home. Now there is not even the symbolic separation from his part parents which was before the lockdown. ‘

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This applies to children as well as elders. Especially those people who live in Mumbai’s Dadbenuma Apartments and yearn for their private space. Psychologist Manoj Sharma of Bangalore-based NIMHANS says, ‘Online counseling is contrary to the goals of our institute. Our institute has a clinic. Its name is – Service for Healthy Use of Technology i.e. SHUT, where the patient is worked on keeping them away from their screen addiction. But how ironic it is that he is now asked to do digital detox by resorting to digital media. ”Manoj says that this has increased his team’s screen time more than ever.

Nevertheless, there are online counseling groups, which remain a consolation for some people in lockdown. For example, online groups created for anonymous alcoholics. Psychologists are far more concerned about drug addicts because it is not possible for them to reach rehab centers in lockdown. This is a difficult situation for children. They are either watching everything happen silently in front of their eyes or are victims of domestic violence.

Nupur says, “They get scared only when they speak loudly at home.” For many children, staying in their closed homes also means dealing with a breakdown in the relationship. ”Sasha Kripalani says that commenting on one’s ability at such times can also have a bad effect on the mind.

He cited a Facebook post that said, “If you have not started a new habit in these circumstances and feel difficulty in living your life, then you lack discipline, not time.”

Sasha tells those contacting her for counseling not to give more attention to such jumlas. This will make life easier. Mamta Shah, a psychiatrist who works in Ahmedabad, says that common people as well as people associated with mental healthcare can follow such advice to make life easier.

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For example, we can introduce some softness by waiving cancellation fees. Finally, when the situation will get worse, this softness, such softness will be useful to each other. Shah says that when this period of trouble comes upon all of us, Mental Healthcare Professionals will be two to four people, “those who will be compassionate and grateful.” And others who will be in the grip of anger, aggression, and irritability. ‘

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